Hello! I'm Marija.
  • Current Obsession: WHITE & NUDE (shoes)

    Hey Bebes ❤ As the summer approaches, although already fully present here in Florida (yesss, I moved to Florida!) the idea of old black shoes is becoming more and more absurd. To be honest- I gave ...

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    Current Obsession: WHITE & NUDE (shoes)
  • Plan Your Sewing Like Designer

    Hey bebes 🤍 It's time! It's time for us, wonderful seamstresses to start acting like designers! Sewing can be overwhelming with so many ideas and inspirations around us, but with some simple tricks ...

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    Plan Your Sewing Like Designer
  • Morning Rituals

    Good morning Bebes ❤ In Serbia we have the saying: "По јутру се дан познаје" - which means you know how your day will be by the way your morning goes. Or something like that... Of course there ...

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    Morning Rituals
  • Over The Top (Wilder Gown)

    Hey Bebes ❤ While writing my previous post on fashon of Renaissance, I went on a (mental) mission- How to incorporate ruff collars into my life? And no matter what combination I tried (still just ...

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    Over The Top (Wilder Gown)

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I'm Marija. I am always in pursuit of creativity and pleasure. I seek it in the most beautiful places possible: fashion, art and culture. I love to approach these subjects in the minimalistic manner although in luxurius way. I love to design my clothes so most of the garments you'll see are self-made. I write here about fashion, sewing and style in general. It's my hope to share some feelings, ideas and inspire everyone who visits my little blog. Learn More...

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